About Us

In our daily life we are depending upon various people doing their business without any planning, like; milkman, news paper hawkers, car washers, salons, etc. As their businesses are known as unorganized businesses, but we saw the deep into their businesses and felt that somehow their businesses are organised but they are doing the businesses in unorganized manner. So to give a boost and make them organized we are developing an android app named TEJASH and its web version is tejashonline.com.

From those unorganised businesses initially we picked up car wash business as our first initiative to give them recognition. With the number of cars continuing to increase on the roads, the need for these businesses has also increased. This can be a good profession for anyone who enjoys working with their hands or enjoys working with the public.

To minimise the waiting period at washing points, even to reduce the waiting time to Zero minute we are going to launch the First ever Smart scheduling app TEJASH for Cars & Bikes owners and car wash operators. The app is based on real time platform to facilitate the ultimate privilege to customers as well as the operators, who are being benefited by getting customers always. This is the First initiation of this type of applications in India.