Cancellation Policy

There will be two types of cancellation policies. Cancellation of booking may be done from either side of customer or the operator.

From Customer side:

Customer FREE cancellation option can only be available up to 30 mins prior to his schedule, only in customer logged in page. The customer can't be able to cancel the booking then after.

Before 1 min to 29 min of schedule time for fixed point car wash stations 50% of job pricing(excluding taxes and internet handling charges) will be freeze as Tejash Coin in the account of thecustomer and will be available after cumulative amount of 1000 TC as a gift to the customer. For mobile car wash (doorstep) 50% of job pricing (excluding taxes and internet handling charges) will be deducted and rest will be refunded to customer’s bank account.

Note: Initially we are offering 15% as cut off amount and 85% of job pricing(excluding taxes and internet handling charges)will be refunded to customer for 1-three months up to 31-March 2021.

Customer can’t cancel the booking after the schedule time. If the customer will not report at the wash point within 5 mins of his / her schedule starting time then it will be taken as cancelled and no refund will be entertained. The operator is free to adjust the scheduled time with his own local customers.

From Operator side:-

  • The operator can cancel the schedule at any time due to machineries failure or any other cause beyond of his control or may cancel total day at any time.
  • Customers affected due to the cancellation are eligible for refund of full amount (excluding taxes and internet handling charges).
  • The booking system for the concern operator will be remaining inactive till the restart confirmation from the operator and the scheduled confirmation.
  • If the work has been started but couldn’t be completed.successfully.within the stipulated time period due to any of the situation (machinery failure, power cut, shortage of water or any other cause beyond the control of the operator), in that case 50% of the job price will be paid to the operator and rest 50% will be refunded to the customer’s bank account, any other disputes or claims may be settled mutually.